Ky’Rha; age 23, lost her family years ago goes, and has since been alone in the Badlands, fighting to survive against the elements and enemies in the wasted land. As a mercenary, it’s been one foot in front of the other, one day at a time for her, with danger around every corner. On an expedition for resources she meets young Looka, who does remember where he came from. Despite having no memory, he’s a sharp kid with a talent for finding solutions in a tight spot. Ky’Rha takes him in as her ward, and they quickly learn they’re much stronger together. After years focusing on simply surviving, Looka brings new aspirations to Ky’Ra, sharing dreams of what their life could be like if Ky’Rha didn’t have to be a mercenary. Eventually, he convinces her to steal a gem from Asmeer Pale-Ice; the most notorious gangster in the region, so they can sell it for a better life.  The gang’s responding violence is avid, and Ky’Rha and Looka find themselves hunted like animals, making them wonder if the gem is worth more than they though. To their surprise, when water falls on the gem, extinct plants begin to grow around it and fills the dead soil with life.             
Character Designs and Concepts
Penciled Pages 8-11
Inked Pages 12-15
Cover Art
Interior Finished Pages
Interior Coloring by Sof Moore
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